How to increase your Android device RAM (Up To 4gb)

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Have you been disturbed by low RAM πŸ˜• You now hate playing games or even operating your own phone... Funny..let's see if we can solve your problem

In other to expand your phone RAM so you can operate smoothly

You need to get 3 things to get started..... Woooow

• Class 4 SD card or higher
• Roehsoft RAM expander
• A rooted Android device

But wait...before we proceed, let's check if your device is compatible for the task we are about to perform.. Too

Take the steps below to check if your device can perform the task πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

• Go to play store and search for "memory info & swapfile check" or use this link Memory check & swapfile check
• After installation open the app and grant it permission
• Tap on Roehsoft RAM expander test
• Select the SD card location
• After the test run is completed →→ You will get a pop-up window saying "congratulations test was successful"

If you get a and otherwise pop-up window then try it again for the second time

If it didn't work this time around that means your device is not compatible for the task..... I'm so so sorry for that

So if you got a positive pop-up window I'm lucky for you... Let's continue

• Open the RAM expander app (Roehsoft)
    Note: please make sure you are connected to the Internet and you grant the app permission
• You will see a bunch of options and numbers. You can manually configure each of these or simply tap on the optimal value button, the app will automatically configure them according to your device and with this we are 90% done
• You will see a side with "Swapfile3000Mb"
    Note: the 3000Mb you see there is the maximum RAM your phone can work with
• Drag the RAM range from 3000Mb to 1024Mb or more but do not exceed 3000Mb (your phone range)
• After you have done the above step you need to tap on the "swapactiv" button.. It will tell you to select your external SD card location
• Select your SD card
• Then tap on the "swapactiv" button again

Depending on the amount of RAM you chose to create. It may take about 2-10mins to complete

If everything goes right..swipe down your notification box and see a new info box showing the amount of RAM you just created

On a final note, the amount of RAM you created will not reflect on your device application manager as it's a virtual RAM not a hardware based RAM and it will function similar to your device RAM

Boooooom you will see that your device is utilized and it's faster than before especially in playing games that require high RAM.

You can let us know your experience with this in the comment box

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