Jamb 2017 to adopt 'flexible cut-off' for higher institutions

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        Jamb Joint Admissions Board planner explains the Board's 2017/2018 annual admissions process employed in a flexible decision flag definitions. In an interview, Professor Oloyeda, the Board decided to accept the so-called "flexible cut is" to get these admissions different organizations, this is the answer we got.  

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This means that we want to expand access to trained personnel, as I said, candidates who qualified for the resolution of their O 'level and A' level exam results, as the case may be. Jamb examination carried out just to give the number of candidates will be screened and get some basics of admission, because we can not get everything.

If so, we are removing obstacles such as people want to get is not the College of Education degree course nce, or they want to go to an ordinary two-year National Higher Education Institute (OND) and and stick to the same location, for those who want to degree programs, which is not fair. Even if they cover, they will not be the same paycheck; OND at 6, nce in seven, eight degrees at the lowest level, so, why do you put them in the same conditions? What we have done is to make schools, universities and polytechnics have the flexibility to say "look, consider applying for the number of candidates, I am ready to get 130 or 140 points and above." When it does, it will be across the board, rather than the empty classroom.

They should take all appropriate. If there is a space, he said, it is important for the O 'level or A' level are those that fall into the following cut-off mark, but the only problem is that they do not get the required cut-off mark, rather than leave the classroom vacant candidates or roam the streets and become a social problem. If we get such qualified candidates are admitted, we will help the country. In any case, if you look carefully, if they are not allowed to go to college because their parents left, have left their brains. If their parents have money, they can put them to Ghana, in Ghana, they will not require them UTME results, they will only require them O'level results. Those who have more money people can bring their children to the United Kingdom, they will ask their O'level results.

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